Il fait froid. Je mets… (It’s cold. I put on…)


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It is getting awfully chilly! It is important to remember our accessoires d’hiver!

Nous mettons (we put on)

-un chapeau

-un foulard

-des bottes

-des mitaines / des gants

Our class had so much fun trying on accessories and trying to guess which were missing!


Henei Choref


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This week we began a new unit in Hebrew centered around winter (choref). The yeladim are learning new vocabulary such as:

שֶׁלֶג – sheleg (snow)

פְּתִית שֶׁלֶג – ptitei sheleg (snowflake)

כַּדוּר שֶׁלֶג- cadur sheleg (snowball)

אִישׁ שֶׁלֶג- eesh sheleg (snowman)

We are alo learning about the types of clothes we wear in the winter and naming the body parts that they go on:

חוּלצָה – chultzah (shirt)

מִכְנָסַיִים – michnasaim (pants)

גַרבַּיִם – garbaim (socks)

שִׂמלָה- simlah (dress)

מְעִיל – me’il (coat)

כְּפָפוֹת – kfafot (mittens) 

מִכְנְסֵי שֶׁלֶג – michnasi sheleg (snow pants)

סְוֶדֶר – sveder (sweater)

כּוֹבַע – covah (hat)

צָעִיף – tzayif (scarf)

מַגָּפַיִם – magafayim (boots)

Here they are in action singing one of our new songs:

We also finished the book of Bereshit (HazakHazak! VenitHazek!), complete with the story of Joseph and how the Jewish people ended up in Egypt. This week in the Shabbat, 7 you will find a beautiful lullaby based on the blessing that Jacob gave to Menashe and Efraim (his grandsons from Joseph). 

Here is the version that we listened to in class:

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom!

Mindfulness in Kindergarten


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Today we have launched our mindful moments challenge in our kinderclass!

For my personal growth plan this year I am doing Mindful Moments. We will be starting this challenge this week. Each day the students will pick one rock and put it in the jar. Each rock has a different inspiring word on it. As a class we will discuss what the word means, sit or lay comfortably and quietly thinking about what that particular rock means to them.  

Today, the rock we picked had the word “brave”. We discussed how we can be brave at school and at home. We then meditated for 2 minutes thinking about how we can be brave.

Why become a mindful classroom?

Studies show that having a daily mindfulness practice in the classroom has been proven to:

  • Improve attention
  • Help with emotional regulation 
  • Increase compassion
  • Significantly reduce stress and anxiety 

Morah Taylor

Welcome to January 2020!


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Welcome Back Everyone! We hope you all had a relaxing and great winter break. We wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New year!

Blasting off into Space!

The Kindergarten Class has begun to learn all about The Solar System. We created an I Wonder chart to see what we want to know and what we wonder about.

The students really enjoy this song about the Solar System! Click the link below if you’d like to listen at home.

In addition to the above,  in the computer lab,we are working on our reading skills using the website Starfall.
Feel free to access this website using the link below to explore Starfall from your own homes/devices.


This year for my Professional Growth Plan in Kindergarten  I am exploring how to use Flipgrid as a Platform for Homework  in Kindergarten. FlipGrid is a really great tool where you can create videos around a question or a topic. Flipgrid is a very Kinder Friendly Technology Tool  to use. 

Our first step will be to learn how to use Flipgrid in the class. Once we are comfortable with the process, we can begin to use it for homework at home. 

I have begun the process by meeting with our Technology Specialist Teacher, Melissa Thompson, and I am becoming familiar with how to set up a classroom with our own passwords, etc. 

One of the ways I plan to use Flipgrid in the coming month is by having the students upload a review of a book they have read at home (with your support)  by answering a few basic questions on the Flipgrid. 

As we become more comfortable using Flipgrid at home,  I hope to use it for Math Problem Solving Questions. 

 I look forward to having your feedback on my new journey so that we can make this an exciting and meaningful way to have our learning from our classroom to our home come together. As we all know one of our North Stars is We learn better Together. 



Chag Chanukah Sameach!


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Dear Kindergarten families,

This week, we began learning the story of Joseph in Parashat Vayeshev. The song in the Shabbat 7 is an excerpt from a Hebrew musical. You can find the whole play here:

We would like to wish you all a wonderful Chanukah break. We will miss those sweet faces and look forward to many new learning adventures in 2020!

Thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful gifts.

Stay warm!!!

The Kindergarten Team

Chanukah News


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The  Kinders have been getting ready for our school Chanukah Celebration on Tuesday evening. We are asking that the children wear a white shirt and blue bottoms. We can’t wait to celebrate with all of our families. 

As well on Thursday morning, the Ganon children will be joining us for a joint Chanukah Celebration  We will be decorating cookies and having a Chanukah Sing-a-long lead by Mr. G,(Mr. Goddard) our music teacher.

Next Friday our Dress Down Day money will be going to the Ottawa Mission! 

Shabbat Shalom!

Reading Buddy Bonding!


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Last week, Kindergarten students were introduced to their Grade 6 reading buddies!


Every week, we’ll be pairing up to practice our reading and listening skills. It was so much fun to welcome our new friends into our class! We can’t wait for next week!



Chanukah is coming!


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Chanukah is coming and in the Gan we are having tons of fun! Spinning dreidels, singing songs, making clay latkes, the list goes on!

Here are some vocabulary words that we are learning in Hebrew:

נֵס – Ness (miracle)

גָדוֹל – Gadol (big)

היה – Hiyah (happened)

שָׁם – Sham (there)

נֵר – Ner (candle)

שֶׁמֶן – Shemen (oil)

אוֹר – Or (light)

חֲנוּכָּה – Chanukah 

חֲנוּכּייה – Chanukiah 

מְנֹורָה – Menorah

שְׁמֹנֶה – Shmoneh (eight)

שַׁמָשׁ – Shamash (helper)

סְבִיבוֹן – Sevivon (dreidel)

סוּפגָנִיָה – Sufganiyah (donut)

שֶׁלֶג – Sheleg (snow)

מַטָנָה – Matanah (present)


We also enjoyed learning this week’s parashat haShavua – Vayetze 

You can see a cute reenactment by Saba Tuvia featuring the song from the Shabbat 7 here:  

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Shira

Kindergarten Happenings!


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Today we began our first Anchor chart for Writing:

We have been  learning our vowel sounds through song. This is a great way to reinforce the short vowel sounds. Whether we know the sounds or are just beginning to learn them, this is a song that everyone enjoys. Feel free to sing along at home. The song is called Vowel Bat.

In math we have started our new unit on number sense. You may have heard your kids talk about Subitizing.  Here is our favourite Subitizing song we love to sing . Enjoy!



The book fair is coming up next week. This is a great opportunity to encourage a love of reading, while also receiving new books for our OJCS classrooms. Here are a few notes about this year’s fair…

1) We are going to the book fair as a class on Wednesday, December 4th. Please send your child with money that day if you would like him/her to purchase something at the fair.

2) Parents can pop into the book fair before and after school. It opens at 8:00 AM and this year it will be open during P/T Conferences in the evening.

3) Parents can send a note with their child if they have any instructions for the money; i.e. wanting money specifically spent entirely on books, if at least one book must be purchased, using the change towards buying book from the teacher wish list.

4) Continuing this year, will also be the Teacher Wish List! Teachers will be posting lists of books they would love to have added to their classroom libraries. If you would like to buy a book for the classroom, you are welcome to do so!

5) In the past, there have been some students who spend  money on ‘chachkas’ rather than on books. If you’d like to make sure a specific amount is spent on books, please just send me a quick note and I’ll keep an eye out 😉

Please let us know if you have questions.



Starlight Pumpkins


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In support of the pumpkin investigation happening in general studies, we created beautiful, glowing pumpkin paintings in art.

Aside from them being beautiful, this artwork has a lot of learning going on: drawing from observation and sequence, primary color mixing, adding highlights, cutting and pasting skills and collage composition. 

Here are the completed masterpieces:


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