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OJCS Maccabiah Games 2021

Maccabiah (colour war) – Harry Potter style is in just 16 days! Though the students will represent Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, we know that there is nothing quite as good as when we’re all rooting for the same team – in this case OJCS. And that’s where we need your help. Our school is just $10,800 away from reaching our fundraising goal this year. That is just $60 per student! Please help support our students (current and future), by supporting our Maccabiah.
Over $900k in scholarship funds was awarded for the 20/21 school year and the funds we raise for this fun, ruach-filled day go directly to support those efforts. Please feel free to share the link below with family and friends to help your child fundraise. Thank you!  Merci! Todah Rabah for your help in reaching our goals!
Just a reminder, all of the Kindergarten kids are on the Green Team – Slytherin, so start looking for your green clothes to wear on June 11th.  We can’t wait to show everyone how smart, sneaky and superior Slytherins can be!!!
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Keeping Up with the Kindergarteners

Hello K parents,

There are quite a few important updates and reminders that need to be shared with you all, so I’ve compiled them all into one blog post…. please read until the end!!

Picture Day

Picture Day is this coming Tuesday, October 27.  We will be doing our pictures first thing in the morning, so please drop your child off the at K-2 doors between 8:30 and 8:45. Once each class finishes with their pictures we will head outside so that they still get their outdoor play time.  Don’t forget, your child should be wearing a white uniform shirt!

Note Totes

Please make sure that you check your child’s Note Tote (blue plastic folder) everyday.  We will be sending home art projects, completed work and some parent communication in them.  We may also be sending homework from time to time and your child should be able to let you know what should stay at home and what needs to come back to school.  If your child spends a few days learning from home, please send their completed work back to school in their Note Tote.

Extra clothes

As the weather continues to change, we have at times been needing to grab dry socks or pants after returning inside from the playground.  We have a bag of extra clothes for most of the kids, but if you’re not sure or you think it needs refreshing, feel free to send another bag with your child as it’s always helpful to have options.  We recommend sending quite a few pairs of extra socks if you haven’t already.  Also, please make sure that you send in replacement items as needed.  For the boys, it would be great if they could have multiple kippahs in their backpacks as sometimes they wear them home and they don’t come back to school.

Party Popper Emoji (U+1F389) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Party Popper Emoji (U+1F389)

to Alicia (KA) who turns 6 on October 25th

to Yael (KA) who turns 5 on October 28th

and to Amelia (KB) to turns 5 on October 30th

Speaking of birthdays, we have had a lot of questions about what you can do to mark your child’s birthday at school…. You are welcome to send in a treat for your child’s class as long as it comes to school sealed and is clearly marked as both kosher and nut-free.  It unfortunately cannot be homemade.  We would recommend sending these treats on dairy days (M, W, F) and would ask that if you choose to send on meat days (T, Th) that the treat you send is pareve (does not contain dairy).  If you have any other questions, please ask!!

Dress Down Day

Our next Dress Down Day is next Friday, October 30.  We will be raising money for the Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

Check out these pictures of our amazing Kindergarteners…..


Shabbat Shalom! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Parsha and Pancakes

A quick note to our Families:

Starting tomorrow, every Tuesday and Thursday Parsha and Pancakes will take on new meaning.
Dr. Marcovitz will be hosting, Dr. Avi’s Neighborhood.  There will be many similarities (of course he will include aspects of the Parsha).  The idea  parents, while you are trying to get ready, students can watch, I hope a somewhat engaging, educational and fun show.
The links:
Part 1 is on Tuesday  8:00-8:30
Part 2 is on Thursday  8:00-8:30
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This week and Next.. So much!

What a great busy week in Kindergarten! On Tuesday we had a an author visit via Skype from Chana Stiefel. Thanks to Staci Kenter for helping to organize this for the children. We had the opportunity to read her book in class as well as listen to Chana herself read it to us. The book she read  is called -My name is Wakawakaloch! 

I’ve added a few pics to show some of the word work and writing activities that happens. Some children have begun to do research on different Sea Creatures as we we continue our Under the Sea Inquiry.

Today the class created their Projects for Innovation Day. We were very excited to use The Makerspace in our school for the very first time. If you can drop by tomorrow at 8:45 to see what we made for The Three little Pigs houses we can share our houses and how we built them.



For Ruach week,  Wednesday is Class Theme Day. Our class chose the theme of Disney Characters. As you can see there are so many choices! As well ,for Friday, Pyjama Day, we will be donating pyjamas to children who are in need, so if you can, please bring in a child’s new pair of pajamas that would be greatly appreciated.! On Tuesday, we will be attending the Ganon’s Purim Carnival .

Looks like a really fun week ahead!


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Welcome Back!


Welcome back to what sounds like a great Winter Break! As you can see the children were very happy to be back and with their friends. Our outdoor play today was a perfect authentic science class. The snow has begun to melt and the discussion of evaporation and what happens to ice when the weather gets warmer was amazing to listen to.

Just a few reminders for you:

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Jewish month of Adar. There is a phrase, “as the month of Adar enters we should be happy.
Tomorrow our class will be participating in a Rosh Chodesh Assembly, where our choir will be singing the song by Pharrell, Happy.
On Wednesday, Feb.26 the Kindergarten – Grade 2 children are invited to a Parsha and Pancakes s at 8:00 downstairs in our makerspace. Please click on the following link for more information.
One last reminder. Our School Wide Innovation Day will be held on March 5th from 8:45-9:25. The children in Kindergarten will be working on a S.T.E.M project that we will be making in class. If you are unable to make it, we will be sure to take pictures and/or videos to share. This will be a group project that the children will be working on together.  More information to follow.
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Chanukah News

The  Kinders have been getting ready for our school Chanukah Celebration on Tuesday evening. We are asking that the children wear a white shirt and blue bottoms. We can’t wait to celebrate with all of our families. 

As well on Thursday morning, the Ganon children will be joining us for a joint Chanukah Celebration  We will be decorating cookies and having a Chanukah Sing-a-long lead by Mr. G,(Mr. Goddard) our music teacher.

Next Friday our Dress Down Day money will be going to the Ottawa Mission! 

Shabbat Shalom!

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Kindergarten Happenings!

Today we began our first Anchor chart for Writing:

We have been  learning our vowel sounds through song. This is a great way to reinforce the short vowel sounds. Whether we know the sounds or are just beginning to learn them, this is a song that everyone enjoys. Feel free to sing along at home. The song is called Vowel Bat.

In math we have started our new unit on number sense. You may have heard your kids talk about Subitizing.  Here is our favourite Subitizing song we love to sing . Enjoy!



The book fair is coming up next week. This is a great opportunity to encourage a love of reading, while also receiving new books for our OJCS classrooms. Here are a few notes about this year’s fair…

1) We are going to the book fair as a class on Wednesday, December 4th. Please send your child with money that day if you would like him/her to purchase something at the fair.

2) Parents can pop into the book fair before and after school. It opens at 8:00 AM and this year it will be open during P/T Conferences in the evening.

3) Parents can send a note with their child if they have any instructions for the money; i.e. wanting money specifically spent entirely on books, if at least one book must be purchased, using the change towards buying book from the teacher wish list.

4) Continuing this year, will also be the Teacher Wish List! Teachers will be posting lists of books they would love to have added to their classroom libraries. If you would like to buy a book for the classroom, you are welcome to do so!

5) In the past, there have been some students who spend  money on ‘chachkas’ rather than on books. If you’d like to make sure a specific amount is spent on books, please just send me a quick note and I’ll keep an eye out 😉

Please let us know if you have questions.



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Our Upcoming Hanukkah Celebration!

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Happy Hanukkah!

We are so excited to celebrate with you at our school wide party December 6th at 6:00 pm.

There have been a number of questions that will hopefully be answered in the following information.

  • All students will be sitting with their class and teachers.
  • The show will be roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour and will end at around 7:15 pm.
  • All new OJCS families will be invited to the front with Rabbi Finkelstein to light the Hanukkiah.
  • Students are asked to wear shirts or dresses (for the girls) that are the colors of a flame (either orange, red or yellow).  
Looking forward to seeing you all there!
The Kindergarten Team
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Winter Clothing!

We love playing outdoors!   Now that the weather is getting colder we need our hats and mittens. We play outside twice daily so please send in warm clothing for outdoors. Thanks for keeping us warm!