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Journée Franco-Ontarienne

Good morning!

I wanted to let you know that we will be celebrating Franco-Ontarien day tomorrow, Friday September 25.

We will be having treats, watching a live-stream of the celebration (raising of the flag, concert, activities), and creating our own flag with the Grades 1 and 2

The live stream is available on:

Célébrons le 25 septembre !

Given that it will be a dress down day, I encourage the kids to wear green and white (Franco-Ontarien flag colors).

Have a great day!


Mme Sophie

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French Booklets

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned last night, your child came home this week with a “book” containing words with the sound O. Many of the kids can “read” through it and identify the words. This activity is a vocabulary activity and I do not expect the kids to read or sound out any of the words. If you get the chance, ask them to read you their book. They are very proud when they can say all the words!

In the coming weeks, you will find more of these books in their note-totes as we work on other vowels.

Thank you!


Mme Sophie

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Virtual Kindergarten Teaching

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Welcome to the blogpost for our virtual classroom information.  As we navigate through this together, we want you to know that we are all doing this for the first time.  However we are very well prepared due to our past two years of training at OJCS.  Please use the comment part of the blog to provide any feedback that you may have.  As you use our class schedule you may choose to complete different activities at different times and the our schedule has been designed accordingly.  We are aware that considering the age of your children, not all of the various activities may be completed, however having some structure will be great for everyone.  All of this will begin on Wednesday March 18th as we begin our soft launch. 

Make sure that your children still go outdoors for fresh air, to keep them healthy and moving .

Our suggestion is to keep all of your children’s work, be it a drawing, an activity from a website, etc. in a folder and we will talk about it when we all return.  Another option is to take a picture and we can share this on Google Meet or whatever virtual way we find works best.

Thanks for all your support in advance.

Your Kindergarten Team.

Here is week one  March 18th-March 20th


Our first Activity for Flipgrid has been added.

We already have our flip grid code ojcskinder1

Here are the instructions to log into FlipGrid:


  1. Open up Flipgrid App on iPad or go to
  2. Enter Flip code: ojcskinder1
  3. Click on login with google
  4. Use ojcs email:  password: OJCSkinder1
  5. Select the topic you want to contribute to from the drop down menu


6. Click the big green plus sign to add a video. 


Here is the Vooks link for Reading

Here are the Scholastic Learn at home Links: This allows for differentiation




Here is a unit on addition.

I suggest about 15 – 20 minutes out of the block to practice this unit on math.  If Khan Academy works well for you I will post the next unit next week. Please feel free to choose larger or smaller numbers to work with. It starts as basic as up to 5 and goes up to double digit. Starting at an easier level will at least help you learn how to navigate this program.   Start with the lesson that will teach the class to you. Then complete the practice. Differentiation  is the beauty of this program.

For those who wish there is an app called Khan Academy for Kids which is child friendly and fun to do.

You will see highlighted links to Google Hangouts Meet at specific times during the day. These are all linked to your child’s google account ( We will be trying to do this with both classes at the same time to help families with more than one child at home. You will be receiving an online tutorial on how to use Google Hangouts Meet by later today or early tomorrow.


Below the Activity portions there are also highlighted links for Flipgrid, Slides, PDFs and other activities. These are where you will find what your child requires for the day. If printing is required for a specific activity, you may want to do it prior to the start of our day.


If and when you have questions throughout the “school day” you are encouraged to contact us via Google Hangouts, which is open when you are on your child’s OJCS email Homepage. It is located on the left or right side of your screen. To begin a live chat:

          1. Click on the plus symbol
          2. Enter teacher’s first name or email
          3. Choose the correct person from the dropdown menu and a new chat window will open.
          4. You can now begin to type, or press the video icon to begin a video chat.


Finally, we will be keeping the Parent Teacher Conferences as scheduled, using the above Google Hangouts method, so please be sure you are in your child’s account. If you do not remember your child’s password please contact us via email. 


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Do-Re-Mi… les chansons en français!


One of my favourite things about Kitah Gan is how much they love to sing and dance. Here is a selection of songs we have been singing as part of our French circle!

Bonjour mes amis:

Sur le pont d’Avignon:

Pomme de reinette et pomme d’api

Frère Jacques :

Les jours de la semaine:

Quel temps fait-it aujourd’hui?:

Les chiffres de 1-100:

Les saisons:

Les vêtements:


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Global School Play Day is Tomorrow!


Tomorrow is Global School Play Day that our class will be a part of.  If you have any board games or items you think can be incorporated into our day, you are welcome to send them to school tomorrow. Unstructured play helps children develop 21st century skills.

In a world where education places emphasis on “academics” why would a school dedicate a certain amount of the day to play? There are many good, solid reasons:

  • Boosts Creativity — When children create make-believe games, they use their imaginations and develop abstract thinking.
  • Teaches Social Skills — Playing together, children learn how to get along with others. They develop empathy while learning to negotiate and compromise.
  • Develops Critical Thinking Skills — During unstructured play, children take risks, make mistakes, and learn important problem-solving skills.
  • Promotes Emotional Health — Free play reduces anxiety and stress in children, allows them to sleep better, and improves overall emotional health.
  • Fosters Independence — Children learn to make decisions, follow their own interests, and gain self-confidence.
  • Improves Physical Fitness — Playing actively helps children improve gross motor skills and build healthy bodies.

Thanks for your support in helping make this Day a Great One!

*On another Fun Day Note… please send in your permission slips for Winter Fun Day by Tomorrow if you haven’t already. They were sent home electronically. 

The K Team