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Future Documenters!!!

This week, we began a new initiative in Kindergarten…Documenters of the Day!

Every day, two children will practice their technology skills and design fluency, as well as their media and information literacy.  The development of these skills are in keeping with our North Stars: We own our own learning, and We learn better together.

As it was Tu B’Shevat,  we began by looking  closely at a tree outside our classroom window (the weather has been a challenge) and implemented Project Zero‘s visible thinking routine in Hebrew:

אני רואה/רואה ,אני חושׁב/חושׁבת ,אני מדמיין/מדמיינת

(I see, I think, I wonder)

We practiced saying the words in Hebrew and then added observations, thoughts and imaginings such as:

the tree has no leaves….אני רואה

it will have buds that look like flowers in April… אני חושׁבת

if the tree is happier in the summer? … אני מדמיין


Part of the documenter of the day’s job to photograph the tree to record how it changes. Stay tuned for our results!

We also had an amazing program with our beloved Shinshinim Liam and Inbar. This week they guided us in a Tu B’Shevat play featuring many fruit and nut bearing trees in Israel.



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Kippot for Girls

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

As you know, the Ottawa Jewish Community School is a pluralistic Jewish day school reflecting and respecting the full diversity of our Jewish community.  As such, our uniform policy “requires boys to wear kippot and offers support to girls who express an interest to do the same”.
To put it more plainly, if a girl asks to wear a kippah we are happy to provide her with one, provided her parents are comfortable.
As this has become a live issue in our Kindergarten, we wanted to take the extra step to remind you should you wish to have this conversation as a family.
For more information about this topic, I encourage you review a blog post from last year that goes into greater depth and detail.
If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to let us know.
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Here Come the Chaggim….

Dear Parents,
Purim is coming soon and the Middle School students are preparing a carnival. We are looking for small prizes to provide students. If you have any gently used toys, small gifts, “chachkas” or anything that you think a child would enjoy to choose as a prize, please send in your items to your child’s homeroom teacher. We thank you for your support and help in making this year’s Purim festival the best ever!
In addition, it is a tradition to send Mishloach Manot for the IDF, we are now collecting money in an effort to send it in time.
Thank you for your generosity,
The Kindergarten Team
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Flipgrid at Home – Update!

The Kindergartens have officially caught Flipgrid fever – there has been a lot of talk and excitement at school about how much the students love sharing their favourite story books at home, as well as watching their classmate’s videos.

Here are a couple of great examples of students sharing their favourite stories!

One more thing: 

In order to up the privacy on Flipgrid (I’ve had a few parents approach me about the subject),  I’ve changed the settings so that only those with an (teachers and students) email address can access the grid. Many of you signed into Flipgrid using your own email account, however, the generic Kindergarten Email/Password will need to be used from now on. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions:

Go to:
Enter Flipcode:   ojcskindergarten
Select: Login with Google
Enter: Email –
Password – flipgrid4k

Keep up the good work parents and students !

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K1 Bakes at Hillel Lodge

What a wonderful first week back from winter break!

In addition to starting the second book of the Torah…Shemot, we introduced Tu B’Shevat which will be here in a couple of weeks. We learned some new songs, one in Hebrew: Hashkediyah Porachat, and one in English: Tu, Tu, Tu B’Shevat. We also got to do a special mitzvah and K1 had their turn to visit Hillel Lodge to spend time with the residents and bake cookies together.