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Baking and Math !

Today was the day we enjoyed the apples from our Apple Trip. Each one of us made our own individual Apple Crisp! During this fun activity we used a great tool to peel and core the apple in one step,and what fun we had eating the peel! Yes we ate the peels and renamed them snakes. We had to measure the ingredients and then mix, and the best part was Eating our delicious Apple Crisp. We sent home the recipe incase you would like to try your own at home.

We have begun our next unit in Math … Data Management.  The math words for this unit are Survey, Bar Graph, Tally,  Labels and Pictograph.  Combining our Global Read aloud..Nino wrestles the World  and Graphing, we chose our favourite Lucha Libre ( a mexican wrestler and made a class graph).

We conducted a class survey, and we made a class bar graph seeing which pet (if we could ),would we choose.

Tomorrow I will send home,  in your child’s note tote, a hard copy of How-to read a Picture Book. Theses are the same strategies I use in the class for reading.  It is a good idea for all of us to use the same language while we read at home, that we use in school.

Of course the pictures tell it all! Enjoy!

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Shabbat Shalom!

Shabbat Shalom,

Today was a very exciting day in the Gan. We had an amazing peula with our Shinshinit Hila. First we learned about life on the Kibbutz and practiced our directions in Hebrew (yamina, smola, kadima, ahora, arzor) with a game. Then we acted out the story Tiras Cham (The Corn is Hot) by Miriam Ruth.


We also began learning Torah, starting with the very first Parashat HaShavua… Parashat Bereshit.

In their notetotes you will find the Shabbat Sheva Newsletter. Please read it together with your child. Each grade in the school has contributed to a section. Ours is a new song about Bereshit that we learned this week. You can hear the tune here:

At the bottom of the Shabbat 7 you will find a line that says:  I learned this week……………………..……………………………………………………….. and signature of  parents.
Please return the Shabbat 7 on Monday. All of the students have a sticker book with a space for each parsha. Once they return the bulletin, they will receive a sticker in the corresponding spot.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!
Morah Shira


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Dress Down Day

Tomorrow is Dress Down Day.  Our school will be supporting a charity that was near and dear to Dr. Elianna Saidenberg, an OJCS parent who sadly passed away last week. We thank you in advance for donating.

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What a great day we had! The weather held up and we did not get wet!  We enjoyed a wagon ride out to the orchard, learned all about how the orchards work and how the apples get from the farm to our table. We had fun jumping in the haystacks, picking and eating an apple and of course the Bus Ride. Thanks to Boaz’s Dad for helping us out!  There are many more pics to follow.

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Chaggei Tishrei (חגי תשׁרי)

Chodesh Tishrei is such a busy time of year. We hope that you have all been enjoying the celebrations at home!

The yeladim ילדים have been enjoying learning about the Chagim. For Yom Kippur, we read the story of Jonah and the Whale using an interactive storyboard where the yeladim added pictures as the story progressed. After, we spoke about how Jonah couldn’t hide from G-d, because G-d is everywhere. We also created a beautiful craft with a whale that could swallow and spit Jonah back out again.

We discussed the importance of selichot סליחות, the term lashon ha’ra לשון הרע and how words can be hurtful. Then we practiced using our words to make people feel good by saying kind things to each other.

Now we are learning about Sukkot, building and eating in a Sukkah סוכה and the ארבּעת המינים (lulav and etrog). We learned a new Hebrew song and hammered with musical sticks to the music.

Patish, masmer          פטיש, מסמר
Nikach maher               ניקח מהר.
Sukkah livnot              סוכה לבנות,
Banim ou banot           בנים ובנות.

La la la la la la la la…

Krasim, nikah             קרשים ניקח
V’anafim l’schach       וענפים לסכך
Caset h’gag                     קשט הגג
Lichvod ha’chag           לכבוד החג.

La, la, la, la, la…..

Kaneh, kaneh,               קנה, קנה,
Sukah nivneh               סוכה נבנה.
Krashim nikah           קרשים ניקח,
Knei’suf l’schach       קני סוף לסכך.

Maher, maher                מהר, מהר,
Pan n’aher                        פן נאחר,
Ayin faiyni chachot     אין פנאי חכות,
Maher sukkot                 מחר סוכות

Tach, tach, tach….

You can practice with the Hop version here:

We also created cute leaf creatures and beaded Indian corn to hang in the Sukkah as decorations. It was a great way to practice our Hebrew counting as each strand of the corn needed 10 beads.

Chag Sukkot Sameach! חג סוכות שׂמח

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Apple Trip

This Wednesday we will be going Apple picking to Mountain Orchard. Please ensure that you are in school on time as the bus leaves at 9:15. Dress according to the weather and pack a snack for the orchard.

Today we sent home our October Scholastic Book form. Please return them by Wednesday. You are able to order and pay online.

Another Global Read Aloud connection was made today to our partner school in New Jersey. The name of the school is Yavneh Academy.

Chag Sameach!

The Kindergarten Team

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Connecting to Frisco Texas

Lots of excitement today in Kindergarten! We connected through Google Hangouts with our Global Read Aloud partner in Frisco Texas.  Both schools got to ask and answer questions about their school, the weather, and of course we talked about the two books we’ve both read so far, Dreamers and Just a minute. We discovered that Texas hardly ever gets any snow, and when they do, school is cancelled.  Click on the link for Just a minute to hear the story again with your child.  A question you might ask is how do you like to celebrate your birthday?

We had our first Number Talk today, where the class was able to say what the number 9 means to them.  In the picture you can see just a few of the answers.

We continue to use the language of 3 ways to read :

1.I read the pictures.

2.I read the words.

3.I retell the story.


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Global Read Aloud

Hello! This year, our class will be participating in a project called the Global Read Aloud. This project will start in October and will run for approximately 6 weeks. The idea behind it is very simple; teachers around the world read the same books aloud to their students and then use technology to share the reading experience with these other classrooms. It is a free project and it fits perfectly into the standards we have to cover. 

During the project, our class will be reading the work of Yuyi Morales, and connecting with students around the world specifically a class from New Jersey and from Texas, who are reading the same book. We will use technology tools such as Padlet, Skype, Flipgrid, and Google Hangout to facilitate these connections and conversations. 

We are very excited to connect with others, especially since millions of students participate all around the globe every year This project will allow for our students to use technology tools in a meaningful way, as well as learn about other cultures, all while listening to a fantastic read aloud. 

If you would like more information about the Global Read Aloud, listen to the founder of the Global Read Aloud, Pernille Ripp by clicking on this link.            I look forward to starting this exciting project with your child, as well as seeing the connections we will make. 

All my best,

Morah Yaffa