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Let’s Talk Science…. Nifty Nests!!!

Yesterday, KA & KB participated in our final Let’s Talk Science virtual lab of the year.  This time, Nia and Kelvin (Science students from the University of Ottawa) introduced the topic of nests to the kids and we were astounded by their ideas and observations as they discussed what kinds of animals build nests and what materials they use to build them.  Then we played a Guess the Nest game and even though some of the questions were really tricky, these super-smart kids got most of them right!!  To wrap-up our learning, the kids were tasked with building their own bird’s nest out of the materials they were provided, but with the extra challenge of using a clothespin (to simulate a bird’s beak) instead of their hands.  Check out some of the nifty nests created:

You may have some blossoming birdwatchers on your hands now as Nia and Kelvin challenged the kids to look for birds’ nests around their neighbourhoods or to build an outdoor next and see if any creatures make it their home….. If your child finds or builds any nests, please share the photos in the comments!!

I want to send a huge thank you to Nia and Kelvin for all of the amazing virtual labs this year and for inspiring our little scientists.  A big thank you as well to Morah Taylor for coordinating these amazing virtual experiences for our K students this year!!

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Innovation Day 2021

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to join us for Innovation Day in KA and KB yesterday!!  The students worked so hard to create their planet sculptures and to learn space facts and they were so proud to share what they had learned and created with you.  If you were not able to join us, you can watch both KA and KB’s Solar System Presentations in the videos below…..

Today, we wrapped up our Outer Space unit by talking about stars and constellations and then the kids built their own constellations out of marshmallows and toothpicks.  Their imaginations were in full gear and the different structures they created were truly stellar!!!

Party Popper Emoji (U+1F389) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Party Popper Emoji (U+1F389)

to Asher A. (KA) who turns 6 on March 26th

and to Ariel (KA) who turns 6 on March 30th!!!

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and safe Passover – chag Pesach sameach from the K team!!

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An Out of This World Experiment!!

This week, the Kindergarten classes blasted off into a new unit all about Outer Space and we started by talking about what it would be like to visit the moon.  There were a lot of great creative ideas of what it might be like to live on the moon as well as many interesting questions!! One question that was asked was “how are the craters on the moon made?” along with “is the moon made of cheese?”….. so we decided to investigate!!

We discovered that craters on the moon are made when rocks or meteorites hit the moon, creating a pit or a hole (and not because the moon is made of cheese!!) and then we did an experiment to show how that happens…. using flour and cocoa powder to create the surface of the moon, we dropped different sized rocks from different heights to see how craters are created.  Check out this video to see a few of our trials:

This experiment was out of this world!! Make sure to ask your child to tell you how the moon was made or what are the different shapes the moon takes on throughout the month….. post their answer in the comments below!!

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Let’s Talk Science….. Liquids, Solids and Gases

Earlier this week, the Kindergarten classes once again participated in another super fun Let’s Talk Science virtual lab with Nia and Kelvin from the University of Ottawa.  This time, we were introduced to everyday liquids and solids to determine their properties.  The kids used their hands and senses to explore different liquids and then poured them out to see the differences between them.  Kelvin demonstrated the different densities by making a density tower with corn syrup, water and oil.  We then did a cool experiment where we mixed solids with water to see whether or not they would dissolve and ended with another experiment where we mixed solids (baking powder and sugar) with water to create a gas….. the kids loved experiencing this neat reaction and it sparked some really interesting questions.  A big thank you to Morah Taylor for coordinating this awesome virtual experience for the K students!!

We ended up pivoting our plans for the rest of this week due to the fact that the kids were so intrigued by this virtual lab and ended up spending most of the week inquiring about, observing and experimenting with the States of Matter.  We listed different examples of each state and learned their properties through activities and songs; we experimented with mixing more solids and liquids to create gases and documented our observations.  Each class built a mini snow (ice) man and then watched to see how water can actually shift from one state of matter to another (ice, water, water vapour).  Below are some of the videos and songs we watched in class to enhance our learning and some pictures as well…… make sure to ask your child what they observed and learned in Science this week!!

Move Like Matter Dance:

Matter Chatter Song:

States of Matter Song:

Of course, it was also Ruach Week which culminated in our Purim celebration.  And what a week it was from 100 Day to PJ Day, Tropical Tuesday to Throwback Thursday, there was so much spirit, enthusiasm, fun and imagination – all the things we love to see in Kindergarten!!!

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Polar Bear Den STEAM Challenge

Over the last week or so, the kids in Kindergarten have been learning all about polar bears….. where they live, what they eat, how they hunt, and how they stay warm in the Arctic temperatures.  Unlike most bears, polar bears do not hibernate, but mother polar bears do build dens under the snow to have their babies during the winter months.  Together, we discussed what these dens might look and how they would need a hole for air and a tunnel for the bears to get in and out.  Then we all crafted a polar bear den design using different materials (white paper, cotton balls, white paint, etc.).  Afterwards, the kids were challenged to build their own polar bear den with whatever materials they could find at their houses.  Needless to say, we were bear-y impressed with the results…. Check out these paw-some polar bear dens!!!

Party Popper Emoji (U+1F389) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Party Popper Emoji (U+1F389)

to Ethan (KA) who turns 6 on January 13th

to Asher C. (KA) who turns 6 on January 20th

and to Judah (KA/B) to turns 6 on January 25th!!

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Let’s Talk Science….. Playful Machines

Yesterday was a very exciting day in Kindergarten.  We had special virtual guests join both classes and lead us in a Let’s Talk Science virtual lab. Nia and Kelvin, Science students from the University of Ottawa, taught us about 3 different kinds of simple machines: a wheel & axle, a lever, and an inclined plane.  Then they led the kids through the construction of a playground where each structure was one of the machines build out of everyday materials, such as pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks.  The students were so engaged and enthusiastic as they built their merry-go-rounds, slides, and teeter-totters.  Special thanks to Morah Taylor for organizing this special, super-fun experience!!


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Kindergarten Has Gone Nocturnal…..

What a wonderful way to spend a day…. To wrap up our Nocturnal Animal theme unit, KA & KB celebrated Pyjama Day at school!! We stayed comfy and cozy and the kids all brought special things that they like to have at bedtime to show and share with their friends.  Over the last few weeks, we have learned about bats, flying squirrels, owls and skunks.  Today, the kids journaled about which animal was their favourite and compared which had the most votes with the least.  We also sang all of our favourite Nocturnal Animal songs and had special Owl cookies as a treat!!

Here are links to the songs so you can listen at home:

Vowel Bat

Flying Squirrel

The Skunk Song

Here are some cute, cozy pictures from Pyjama Day…..

Party Popper Emoji (U+1F389) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Party Popper Emoji (U+1F389)

to Sari (KB) who turns 5 on November 22nd!!

Since tomorrow is a PD Day, wishing you all a great weekend!!

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This week and Next.. So much!

What a great busy week in Kindergarten! On Tuesday we had a an author visit via Skype from Chana Stiefel. Thanks to Staci Kenter for helping to organize this for the children. We had the opportunity to read her book in class as well as listen to Chana herself read it to us. The book she read  is called -My name is Wakawakaloch! 

I’ve added a few pics to show some of the word work and writing activities that happens. Some children have begun to do research on different Sea Creatures as we we continue our Under the Sea Inquiry.

Today the class created their Projects for Innovation Day. We were very excited to use The Makerspace in our school for the very first time. If you can drop by tomorrow at 8:45 to see what we made for The Three little Pigs houses we can share our houses and how we built them.



For Ruach week,  Wednesday is Class Theme Day. Our class chose the theme of Disney Characters. As you can see there are so many choices! As well ,for Friday, Pyjama Day, we will be donating pyjamas to children who are in need, so if you can, please bring in a child’s new pair of pajamas that would be greatly appreciated.! On Tuesday, we will be attending the Ganon’s Purim Carnival .

Looks like a really fun week ahead!


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Welcome Back!


Welcome back to what sounds like a great Winter Break! As you can see the children were very happy to be back and with their friends. Our outdoor play today was a perfect authentic science class. The snow has begun to melt and the discussion of evaporation and what happens to ice when the weather gets warmer was amazing to listen to.

Just a few reminders for you:

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Jewish month of Adar. There is a phrase, “as the month of Adar enters we should be happy.
Tomorrow our class will be participating in a Rosh Chodesh Assembly, where our choir will be singing the song by Pharrell, Happy.
On Wednesday, Feb.26 the Kindergarten – Grade 2 children are invited to a Parsha and Pancakes s at 8:00 downstairs in our makerspace. Please click on the following link for more information.
One last reminder. Our School Wide Innovation Day will be held on March 5th from 8:45-9:25. The children in Kindergarten will be working on a S.T.E.M project that we will be making in class. If you are unable to make it, we will be sure to take pictures and/or videos to share. This will be a group project that the children will be working on together.  More information to follow.
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Welcome to January 2020!

Welcome Back Everyone! We hope you all had a relaxing and great winter break. We wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New year!

Blasting off into Space!

The Kindergarten Class has begun to learn all about The Solar System. We created an I Wonder chart to see what we want to know and what we wonder about.

The students really enjoy this song about the Solar System! Click the link below if you’d like to listen at home.

In addition to the above,  in the computer lab,we are working on our reading skills using the website Starfall.
Feel free to access this website using the link below to explore Starfall from your own homes/devices.


This year for my Professional Growth Plan in Kindergarten  I am exploring how to use Flipgrid as a Platform for Homework  in Kindergarten. FlipGrid is a really great tool where you can create videos around a question or a topic. Flipgrid is a very Kinder Friendly Technology Tool  to use. 

Our first step will be to learn how to use Flipgrid in the class. Once we are comfortable with the process, we can begin to use it for homework at home. 

I have begun the process by meeting with our Technology Specialist Teacher, Melissa Thompson, and I am becoming familiar with how to set up a classroom with our own passwords, etc. 

One of the ways I plan to use Flipgrid in the coming month is by having the students upload a review of a book they have read at home (with your support)  by answering a few basic questions on the Flipgrid. 

As we become more comfortable using Flipgrid at home,  I hope to use it for Math Problem Solving Questions. 

 I look forward to having your feedback on my new journey so that we can make this an exciting and meaningful way to have our learning from our classroom to our home come together. As we all know one of our North Stars is We learn better Together.