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הַמִּשְׂפָּח שֶׁלִּי (My Family)

February is all about family in Kindergarten Hebrew class. We have been celebrating our families by learning the names of our family members in Hebrew (דָּוִד דּוֹדָה אֲנִי אבּא אִמָּא אָח אָחוֹת תִּינוֹק תִּינֹקֶת קָטָן קְטַנָּה גָּדוֹל גְּדוֹלָה סבּא סָבְתָא), singing, speaking, writing in Hebrew, drawing and even sculpting our families from Plasticine.








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?מה חדש בגן What’s new in Kindergarten?

Our yeladim have taken learning to a whole new level! Instead of having an assisting role, they are now leading our morning routing as the (חזן חזנית) chazzan/chazzanit and (עוזר עוזרת עם הלוח השנה) ozer/ozeret im haluach hashanah.


They are also becoming experts at printing their Hebrew names, thanks to a part of our new morning routine!

We have also been immersed in learning the story of Jacob (Yaakov) and had so much fun building ladders to heaven after hearing the story of his dream. We raced to gather the maklot (sticks) and then built sulamim (ladders) and counted the rungs in Hebrew to see who’s was the tallest. It was amazing to see all of the different designs! We have some incredible engineers!

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Shira and the Kindergarten Team

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In art, we finished creating our emotions masks.


Now, we are using them to learn the names for our feelings in Hebrew.

We played Bingo and are learning a traditional Hebrew song. It is perfect for Kindergarteners. In it we sing about how sometimes we feel different things (angry, happy, hungry, full, big, small, sweet and sour…), but that doesn’t change who we are.

You can hear it here:

Please visit this Flipgrid code using the link below to practice with your child using their emotion masks.

I give an example in the intro.

Yesh li partzuf: atzuv, moufta, sameach, mevulbal, mefached, coes, iyef, tzochek, tipshi, metouscal…

יש לי פרצוף: עצובת, מופתע, מבולבל, מפחד, כועס, שמח, עייף, צוחק, מתוסכל



Morah Shira

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Here are recordings of the daily tefillot we have been learning so far for you to practice along with at home.

Modeh Ani

Torah Torah


Adon Olam

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Chaggei Tishrei (חגי תשׁרי)

Chodesh Tishrei is such a busy time of year!

We hope that you have all been enjoying the celebrations at home!

The yeladim ילדים have certainly been enjoying learning about the Chagim.

For Rosh Hashanah, some of our highlights were: creating beautiful holiday placemats, while learning new holiday vocabulary like tapuach, d’vash, and shofar

We did our very own tashlich, and threw styrofoam balls onto our carpet (with fish and water), ridding ourselves of all the things we wish to change for the new year. Some of those things were:

hitting my brother/sister, not listening to my Mommy/Daddy, getting angry/frustrated…

For Yom Kippur, we learned the story of Jonah and the Whale and the yeladim acted it out using their own storyboard, where they added pictures as the story progressed. After, we spoke about how Jonah couldn’t hide from G-d, because G-d is everywhere. 

We made a scale and separated behaviours that are tov (good) and lo tov (not good), discussed the importance of selichot סליחות (saying sorry to our family and friends), and made a card telling a family member that we are sorry from the bottom of our heart!

Now we are learning about Sukkot, building and eating in a Sukkah סוכה and the ארבּעת המינים (lulav and etrog). We learned a new Hebrew song and hammered with musical sticks to the music.

Patish, masmer          פטיש, מסמר

Nikach maher               ניקח מהר.

Sukkah livnot              סוכה לבנות,

Banim ou banot           בנים ובנות.

La la la la la la la la…

Krasim, nikah             קרשים ניקח

V’anafim l’schach       וענפים לסכך

Caset h’gag                     קשט הגג

Lichvod ha’chag           לכבוד החג.

La, la, la, la, la…..

Kaneh, kaneh,               קנה, קנה,

Sukah nivneh               סוכה נבנה.

Krashim nikah           קרשים ניקח,

Knei’suf l’schach       קני סוף לסכך.

Maher, maher                מהר, מהר,

Pan n’aher                        פן נאחר,

Ayin faiyni chachot     אין פנאי חכות,

Maher sukkot                 מחר סוכות

Tach, tach, tach….


You can practice with the Hop version here:

We also created cute leaf creatures and welcome signs to hang in the Sukkah as decorations. 


Chag Sameach! חג שׂמח

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פּירות (Fruit)

Our new vocabulary unit is all about fruit – פּירות (perot)

On Shavuot, people brought the first fruits of the field  בּיכורים (bikkurim) to the temple to offer thanks to G-d.

Please watch and listen to the following slideshow to learn the names of the fruits in Hebrew. Then go to Flipgrid and in Hebrew…tell me your favourite fruit:

הַפְּרִי הָאָהוּב עָלַי הוּא