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Flat Morah Yaffa, Shavuot, Virtual Tour, and Maccabiah Games..Oh MY!

Dear Kindergarten,

So many things to share! Today you can print Flat Morah Yaffa, and take me with you for the next month on your many activities and adventures. There is a grid to help you with some ideas as well as your own. Please watch the Screencastify to explain how this can work, (also on the schedule). This idea comes from the Flat Stanley series, which is a book you may want to read with your children.

Yesterday we took a virtual tour of the Jelly Belly Factory in San Francisco. We took a bus there and decided to fly home instead! Here is the Jelly Belly Factory link again if you want to visit it again. We look forward to more virtual trips in the coming month of June!

Today we will celebrate with an ice-cream and fruit party for Shavuot! Chag Sameach Everyone!

Maccabiah Games are happening on June 5th  FOUR TEAMS, ONE HEART !  I am posting the team lists, the link for our fundraising page and how the day will look.

When is it happening? 
Friday, June 5th
The day begins at 9:00AM *No Middle School homeroom
Maccabiah wraps up at 3:00PM so everyone can make it to Kabbalat Shabbat
What is the theme?
OJCS Maccabiah Games
4 Teams, 1 Heart
Whether Together or Apart
What are the 4 teams?
We have the BLUE TEAM (team ROCK), GREEN TEAM (team COUNTRY), RED TEAM (team POP), and the ORANGE TEAM (team HIP-HOP). It will be a battle of the music genres!
Are we fundraising?
Sure are! This is a big fundraiser for our school. Last year we raised a little over $12,000 so this year our goal is $15,000. What makes this year even sweeter is we have a generous donor who has agreed to MATCH any donations we bring in up to the $15,000. We took the competitive team fundraising aspect away this year and everyone has 1 link to share to work toward our collective fundraising goal. Here is the link to share with your classes and on your blogs for students to share with family and friends:
So what does the day even look like?
9:00-9:30 AM- Opening Ceremonies
9:30-10:00 AM- Team Meetings
10:00-10:30 AM- Snack
10:30-12:00 PM- GooseChase Missions
12:00-1:00 PM- Lunch
1:00-2:00 PM- GooseChase Missions
2:00-3:00 PM- Closing Ceremonies
*Links to be created and shared next week for the meetings.

 OJCS Maccabiah  Games Fundraising Link

OJCS Maccabiah Games Teams 2020


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Distant Learning in Kindergarten

The learning in our Kindergarten has been shown in so many different ways! Here are just a few of them!

Sharing on Flipgrid to answer our Math Problem of the day allows the children to Explain their Thinking!

Solving an optional challenge using S.T.E.M activities !

Building Challenge 

Beginning our project for our 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule!


Today we continue to create Campfires and make S’mores for Lag B’Omer!



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Letters Shin & Sin (שׁ & שׂ)

Shavua Tov!

Our Hebrew letters of the week are…Shin & Sin!

They are like twins… but Shin has a dot on the right, and Sin has a dot on the left.

It will help you to remember if you think of the Shema. When we say it we cover our eyes with our right hand (yad yamin) that is the same for Shin. Shin also rhymes with yamin.

Shin makes a sound like when you want someone to be quiet, shhh! It sounds like this:

Sin makes a sound like a snake hissing, it sounds like this:

Now let’s make שׁ & שׂ with our bodies!

This is how we make a Shin:

This is how we make a Sin:

Now let’s print them on paper:

Here is this week’s work for the letter sin (we started the year with Shin for Shalom so it was already done at school!).

Remember that you can work on it at your own pace.

When you are done, please take a picture and send it to:

To learn more about the letters shin and sin including Hebrew reading practice, play this week’s assigned aleph bet game on JiTap: Shin says Shema and Sin likes to sing


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My Family – המשׁפּחה שׁלי

Two very special days are coming up, Mother’s day and Grandparent’s day.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in Israel they only have one special day to celebrate all of the important adults in our lives? It is called Family day (ים המשׁפּחה).

Since we will be honouring our mothers and grandparents, it made sense to focus on family this week.

Here is our new Hebrew vocabulary:

Mishpacha- family, Ima- mother, Aba- father, ach- brother, achot- sister, tinok- baby boy, tinoket- baby girl, savta- grandmother, saba- grandfather

For more practice visit JiTap to play family pictionary here.

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Letter Resh

Shavua Tov Yeadim!

Our Hebrew letter of the week is…Resh!

It will help you to remember the letter resh if you think of it like the Hebrew “R” only the “rrr” sound it makes is more in your throat like this:

Now stand up and make the letter resh with your body:


This is how we print the letter resh:


Now let’s practice on paper:

Here is your work for the letter resh. Remember that you can work on it at your own pace.

When you are done, please take a picture and send it to:

To learn more about the letter resh, play this week’s assigned aleph bet game on JiTap: Resh rushes to be rosh