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Salat Israeli סלט ישׁראלי

This week we will celebrate Israel’s 72nd birthday!

This special day is called Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

One of the special foods that people eat in Israel is salad. I know we eat salad here too, but in Israel they make it a special way. They chop up the vegetables into tiny cubes and dress it very simply with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. It is healthy and delicious!

Here is the vocabulary for the salad in Hebrew:

Now that you know the words, we can sing one of my favourite songs together.

These are the actions:

  1. Make the rhythm on your lap, clap twice for “salat”
  2. Pretend to chop using one hand as the cutting board and the other as a knife “nachtoch ha yirakot”
  3. Wave your right hand inward “agvaniah” left hand “melafefone.
  4. Put both hands together at the elbows, joining fingertips to make a heart for “chasa”.
  5. Make a circle shape with your two fingers “ve’ gam tzon”
  6. Stick arms out in front then rub your fists on your eyes like you are crying “bazal…wahhh”
  7. Repeat rhythm and clapping
  8. Pretend to pour oil from your thumb “nosif shemen”
  9. Turn both hands like you are squeezing lemon halves “limon”
  10. Use pointer fingers to show salt falling “me’at melach”
  11. Clap “salat tayim, salat bari” put hands out as an offering “ze tov” thumbs to chest “labriut she’li”

Here are my boys (much younger in Israel) demonstrating and teaching me!

Don’t forget to record your own video singing the song with the actions on flipgrid with the code: ojcskinder1

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Letter Kuf

Boker Tov Yeladim!

Our Hebrew letter of the week is…KUF

You can remember its name by thinking :

Koof has a long goof

(because it has a long body)

This is its sound:

Let’s make a kuf with our bodies:

We print it like this:

Now let’s practice it on paper:

Here is your work for letter kuf. Remember that you can work on it at your own pace.


Page 1) Trace around the kuf and colour it in any colour you want, then circle all the kufs in the words: Keshet-rainbow, Kof-monkey, Yarok-green, Karov-close, Rak- only/just, Bakbook- bottle, lakach-take

Page 2) Colour according to the code: Dalet- adom, Yud-katom, Kuf- yarok, Hay-tzahov, Vav-cachol, Zayin-tzevah

Page 3) Practice printing the letter kuf. Trace first and then print at least 5 kufs.

Please share your completed work with me:


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Yom Ha’Atzmaut

Yom Ha’Atzmaut is Israel’s Independence Day.

In Israel, people celebrate all over the country beginning in the evening with with a special torch lighting, fireworks, and street parties.

The next day people get together for barbeques on the beach or in parks. Many people dress in blue and white (kachol ve’ lavan) the colours of the flag, and eat special foods like hummus, falafel, pita, kababs, watermelon, Bamba, and Israeli salad. There is folk dancing and lots of music, including special concerts. 

Many people imagine that Israel is a desert, but although it is tiny, the country has many different parts and when you travel through it you see that Israel has everything from busy cities, to beaches, mountains, deserts, and lakes. 

Today, we will make a map of Israel and colour in the different areas using glue and materials from home.

What You Need

  • Map of Israel Printable (I ran out of ink so I drew it with a sharpie and glued it onto cardboard from a cereal box)
  • Glue (can be made by mixing one part flour with one part water, e.g.:1/4 c flour and 1/4 cup water).
  • Different materials that are blue, green, orange and brown. I used blue paper from flyers, green edamame beans, orange lentils, and brown rice. Feel free to substitute with whatever you have on hand. It could even be a collage using only recycled materials like supermarket flyers or old magazines.

Getting Started

1. Print the Map of Israel Printable. 

For best results print on cardstock or glue it to thicker paper, like cardboard.

2. Glue the different materials to the paper according to the number and color.


Don’t forget to send me a picture of your finished work. I can’t wait to see the different materials you use!

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Creativity in Kindergarten

Need an idea for Choice Time?? Thanks to Stella and her Mom for posting this creative idea on our Choice Time Flipgrid!   Our first #OJCSEarthDay Challenge picture was completed today. Thanks to Yaara for a beautiful picture!

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Spring is Here! אביב הגיע

Hooray for Spring! it is having a long and slow start, but is definitely here.

This slideshow has our spring vocabulary. When you click on the speaker icon in the upper left corner a play button will pop up. Click it to hear the words in Hebrew.

Please listen and practice saying each word 3 times.

When you are done:

1) Choose at least one word. Draw a spring picture and write the Hebrew word(s) under or beside your drawing.

For example:

2) Take a picture and email it to me:


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Letter Tzadi

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Pesach break!

This week we will be learning a new letter…

The letter Tzadi

Let’s make the letter Tzadi with our bodies:

This is how to print the letter Tzadi:

Now it is your turn …take your luach (hand) and etzbah ha’kesem (magic finger) and practice 3 times:


This is how to print it on paper.

I used a marker so you can see but you can use a pencil at home.

Here is your written work for the week. Click on the arrow to print. Remember to take your time and do your best work.

Tzadi is in words like:

tzevah- colour

etz- tree

etzbah- finger

betzah- egg

tzahov- yellow


There is also a Tzadi sofit. We print it differently when it is at the end of a word. It looks like a backwards y.

***Please note that there is a mistake in the print out. The word etzbah (finger) begins with an aleph, not an ayin.

*You can learn more about the letter tzadi on JiTap in this week’s assigned games.