Kindergarten Happenings!


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Today we began our first Anchor chart for Writing:

We have been  learning our vowel sounds through song. This is a great way to reinforce the short vowel sounds. Whether we know the sounds or are just beginning to learn them, this is a song that everyone enjoys. Feel free to sing along at home. The song is called Vowel Bat.

In math we have started our new unit on number sense. You may have heard your kids talk about Subitizing.  Here is our favourite Subitizing song we love to sing . Enjoy!



The book fair is coming up next week. This is a great opportunity to encourage a love of reading, while also receiving new books for our OJCS classrooms. Here are a few notes about this year’s fair…

1) We are going to the book fair as a class on Wednesday, December 4th. Please send your child with money that day if you would like him/her to purchase something at the fair.

2) Parents can pop into the book fair before and after school. It opens at 8:00 AM and this year it will be open during P/T Conferences in the evening.

3) Parents can send a note with their child if they have any instructions for the money; i.e. wanting money specifically spent entirely on books, if at least one book must be purchased, using the change towards buying book from the teacher wish list.

4) Continuing this year, will also be the Teacher Wish List! Teachers will be posting lists of books they would love to have added to their classroom libraries. If you would like to buy a book for the classroom, you are welcome to do so!

5) In the past, there have been some students who spend  money on ‘chachkas’ rather than on books. If you’d like to make sure a specific amount is spent on books, please just send me a quick note and I’ll keep an eye out 😉

Please let us know if you have questions.



Starlight Pumpkins


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In support of the pumpkin investigation happening in general studies, we created beautiful, glowing pumpkin paintings in art.

Aside from them being beautiful, this artwork has a lot of learning going on: drawing from observation and sequence, primary color mixing, adding highlights, cutting and pasting skills and collage composition. 

Here are the completed masterpieces:


Chayei Sarah


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Shabbat Shalom!

Today we learned the Parashat hashavua Chayei Sarah. The yeladim were eager to learn the whole story of Avraham and enjoyed this final chapter where Yitzchak meets his wife Rivkah. It is lovely to see how interested they are and how they are making connections with previous stories (such as the theme – you can’t hide from G-d and names that come from the Torah).

In the Shabbat 7, our Kinder Korner has Hebrew songs that relate to the Parashiot. Last week was about Lot’s wife (Eshet Lot) and how she was turned into a pillar of salt.

This week’s is about Gili ha’gamal (Gili the Camel) since Rivkah was chosen as a wife for Yitzhak because she offered water to Avraham’s servant and all 10 of his camels.

This week we also finished floating our Noah’s Arks and counting the amount of animals they hold in Hebrew before they sink.

We are also making great progress with learning the Hebrew aleph bet, writing our Hebrew names and increasing our vocabulary. Recent themes have focused on animals, colours, and currently Chanukah. More details coming soon.

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom!


Pumpkin Investigation!


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IMG_3674 (1)

Look at our Math and Science during our Pumpkin Investigation!

After measuring and then  estimating how many seeds were in the pumpkin, we put the seeds onto a ten frame and counted 409 Seeds!

We made  predictions on whether we thought the pumpkin would sink or float…then tested our predictions in our water table!

Look for our Pumpkin Investigation Booklet in our note totes!

Shabbat Shalom!

Our colour caterpillars are coming home!


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Kitah Gan have been learning les couleurs en français (colours in French)! We started our learning every day by listening to a song about different coloured objects!

Each day we would add a new colour! In addition to the colours in the song (rouge, vert, bleu, jaune, orange, noir), we have also learned: violet, rose, brun, gris, et blanc.

In class, we read, La Petite Chenille Qui Fait des Trous (The Very Hungry Caterpillar), and began building our very own colour caterpillars! They’ve been growing and growing… And today they are coming home!


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Here are our Kinders singing at the Remembrance Day Assembly, Enjoy!


Learning the Parashiot


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It has been so wonderful to begin studying the Parashiot. Excitement is high in the Gan as we speak about the stories and learn new Hebrew vocabulary associated with them. Today the yeladim will be bringing home their beautiful Bereshit mobiles. Not only does this long range craft teach them about the Creation story, it gives context to the names of the days of the week.

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Shira

From Snow to Remembrance Day


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More fun from yesterday’s first Snow!


Our wish for Peace in the World as we get ready for Remembrance Day on Monday!

We have been practising the song Light a Candle for Peace to sing at our assembly!

First Day in the Snow!


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What fun we had on our first outdoor Snow Day! We found enough snow to make snowmen. Outdoor time is a big part of our Kindergarten program, so please send appropriate clothing to go outdoors everyday. Mittens should be waterproof , warm boots, hats and snowpants.

Reminder that tomorrow is a 2:00 dismissal.

Shabbat Shalom!


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