Terry Fox Run Tomorrow!


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As well as being a Dress Down Day, we as a school will be having our annual Terry Fox Run tomorrow.  All money collected for this Dress Down Day will be going for the Run. Please bring in a Toonie for Terry to help this worthy cause.  Make sure you have appropriate athletic shoes and weather appropriate clothing. 

At this time, on behalf of all of your Kindergarten Teachers, we wish you all   a  Shanah Tovah Umetukah!

Science Outdoors!


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A Great day for a Leaf Hunt!  With our clipboards in hand, we looked for Fall Leaves and then collected them into our bag. It was a beautiful day for this!  Outdoor Play has some of the children digging for dinosaurs. Yesterday was our first day in the computer Lab. Using our new headphones was very exciting as we discovered the website Starfall.com. 



Read to Someone


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Our Daily Five continues. We introduced Read to Someone, Work on Writing, and Word Work. We are also very excited to be using our new sand toys outside. Please,  if you haven’t sent indoor shoes to leave at school. please do so.


ראש השנה מגיע…Rosh Hashanah is Coming…


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The holidays are quickly approaching and we have been busy as bees learning about them in the Gan.

We are speaking about what it means…literally “the head of the year” or the beginning of a new year and why that is so important. It is a time when we can think about the old year and try to make the new year even better.

The mitzvot of  Tashlich, Teshuvah, and Tzedakah.

What we do…go to synagogue to pray, give charity, listen to the shofar, eat apples dipped in honey, symbolically throw away the bad things we did so that we can start the new year fresh, give greeting cards, say “Shanah Tovah”, and have a festive meal.

Plus, don’t forget all of the special foods we eat.

Some new vocabulary we have been practicing are:

תפוח -apple

חלה עגולה -round challah



ראש של דג-head of a fish




We have also been learning a traditional Hebrew song.

Shanah halcha, shanah ba’ah
Ani kapai arimah;
Shanah tovah lecha, Aba,
Shanah tovah lach, Ima,
Shanah tovah, shana tovah!

You can listen at home here:


Dot Day in Kindergarten


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What a great day we had celebrating Dot Day in Kindergarten. Our class participated on a live stream in a sing-along with Emily Arrow. After reading the Book The Dot by Peter Reynolds we all sang the Dot Day Song. We created our mark by creating many different art activities with dots. If you click on the link you can sing along.

Pics and intro to Daily Five – Read to Self


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Week two and we are doing great! Today we introduced the Daily Five. I will post more about how this reading program works shortly but wanted to share the pics with you today.  Today we practiced Read to Self. If you look at the pics you will see the many ways we can do this.  There are 3 ways to read a book. 1. I look at the pictures 2. I read the words 3. I retell the story.  That means everyone in our class can read!!!!  We chose a book that we liked for our book bin and will continue to work on choosing Just right books!

We heard a special story about a house with no doors, no windows and a star in the middle. You’ll have to ask your children what this could be.

Shabbat Shalom!

Planning Board Up and Running!


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Today we introduced our Planning Board for Choice Time! In following one of our North Stars  We own our own Learning  the children get to choose their activity of choice. Take a look at some of the activities and ask your children what they chose today! This is learning through play in a structured environment.


A Peak into our Week!


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Today you will find  your child’s library book in their bag.  You can keep this book until next Wednesday and then when it is returned, your children can take another book out. Everyone was very excited to take out their first book.

In Math we began our patterning unit. The class explored different manipulatives transferring different patterns from cards. We are exploring what a core pattern is and extending it.

We are sending home our first Scholastic Book Club forms. If you would like to purchase any books please fill out the form and either send back a cheque with the form or order online at Scholastics Book Club.

Monday is International Dot Day! Here is the link for you to see what it’s all about! 

I will post pics starting next week !

Our First Week! שׁבוע ראשׁון


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Our first week is done and we are happily on our way to settling into new routines. The Kindergarten classroom is a busy and joyful place!

We began to practice our daily Tefillah, learning Modeh/Modah Ani, Torah Torah, and the 1st line of the Shema. Students are already eagerly awaiting their turns to carry the Torah around the circle stopping so their friends can give it a kiss.

We are learning the days of the week in Hebrew, the weather, practicing the Alef Bet, and have begun to discuss the approaching holidays.

Hebrew language- Students have been taught the following phrases:

אפשׁר ללכת לשׁירותים בּבקשׁה (May I please go to the washroom?) Efshar lalechet l’shirootim bevakasha?

אפשׁר לשׁתות מים בּבקשׁה (May I please have a drink of water?) Efshar lishtot mayim bevakasha?

We have learned the letter Shin  for Shalom, shofar, Shabbat, and Shanah Tovah! We investigated our Hebrew names and saw that only 2 students and Morah Shira have a Shin in their names. We practiced printing it on our palms with our magic finger (etzbah k’soomah), then practiced on whiteboards, chalkboards, and even made it out of playdough.


Here we are practicing a new song for Rosh Hashanah:

Tapuach, Tapuach

Tapuach, Tapuach

T’pol min ha etz

Tapuach, tapuach

Rak al t’itpotzez!


Adom v’agol

Tayim bishvil li!

Tapuach, tapuach

T’pol min ha etz!




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