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Kita Alef here we come!

It must be the end of the year, because Kindergarten students have finished learning the Alef-Bet and their sounds. Now we are ready for more! As a fun teaser for next year, we started learning the Hebrew vowels (nikkudot), beginning with Kamatz  ַָ, Patach ַ , Cheereek ִ , Tzehreh ֵ , and Segol ֶ 

We practiced each letter with the nikkudot, made nonsense words to read, and even read some real words.

Then…we read a book.

All I can say is WOW! They are ready for Kita Alef!!!


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Farewell Dear Shinshinim

In preparation for saying goodbye to our wonderful Shinshinim, we will be having a special assembly on Friday. The yelladim have been practicing a special song which they will sing to them, together with the rest of the student body.

If you wish to practice at home, this is the song:

Here are the lyrics in Hebrew and transliterated:


  1. לִפְנֵי שֶׁנִּפְרָדִים,
  2. עוֹצְרִים לְעוֹד דַּקָּה.
  3. הַיָּד אֵינָהּ רֵיקָה,
  4. שׁוֹלְחִים עוֹד נְשִׁיקָה
  5. שֶׁלֹּא שׁוֹכָחִים בֵּין יְדִידִים.
  1. לִפְנֵי שֶׁנִּפְרָדִים,
  2. בִּזְמַן כִּבּוּי אוֹרוֹת,
  3. דּוֹלְקוֹת בֵּין הַשּׁוּרוֹת
  4. עֵינַיִם מְדַבְּרוֹת,
  5. שֶׁלֹּא שׁוֹכָחִים בֵּין יְדִידִים.
  • וְלָכֵן כְּשֶׁהַמָּסָךְ יֵרֵד,
  • אֲנַחְנוּ נִפָּרֵד,
  • עַד הַפַּעַם הַבָּאָה,
  • רַק עַד הַפַּעַם הַבָּאָה.
  • וְלָכֵן, לִיאָם וְעִנְבָּר יְקָרִים,
  • תּוֹדָה לָכֶם חֲבֵרִים,
  • אֶתְכֶם כל כך אוֹהֲבִים,
  • שִׁינְשִׁינִים נֶהֱדָרִים!
  1. לִפְנֵי שֶׁנִּפְרָדִים
  2. חוֹבְקִים זֵרֵי פְּרָחִים,
  3. אֶת הַדִּמְעָה מוֹחִים
  4. בְּכַמָּה חִיּוּכִים,
  5. שֶׁלֹּא שׁוֹכָחִים בֵּין יְדִידִים.
  1. לִפְנֵי שֶׁנִּפְרָדִים
  2. הַסּוֹף קָרֵב וּבָא,
  3. חָשִׁים אֶת הַקִּרְבָה
  4. בְּסוֹף שָׁעָה טוֹבָה,
  5. שֶׁלֹּא שׁוֹכָחִים בֵּין יְדִידִים.
  1. Lif-nei sheh-nif-rah-dim,
  2. Otz-rim leh-od dah-kah.
  3. Ha-yad ey-nah rey-kah,
  4. Shol-chim od neh-shi-kah
  5. Sheh-loh sho-chah-chim bein yeh-dee-dim.
  1. Lif-nei sheh-nif-rah-dim,
  2. Bee-zman-kee-booy Oh-rot,
  3. Dol-kot bein hah-shu-rot
  4. Ey-nah-eem meh-dab-rot,
  5. Sheh-loh sho-chah-chim bein yeh-dee-dim.
  • Veh-lah-chen ksheh-ha-mah-sach yeh-red
  • Ah-nach-nu nee-pah-red,
  • Ad hah-pah-am hah-bah-ah,
  • Rak ad hah-pah-am hah-bah-ah.
  • Veh-lah-chen Liam veh-Inbar Yeh-kah-reem,
  • Todah Lah-chem chah-veh-reem,
  • Et-chem kol-kach Oh-ha-veem,
  • Shinshinim Neh-heh-dah-reem!
  1. Lif-nei sheh-nif-rah-dim
  2. Hov-keem zeh-rei prah-chim,
  3. Et Hah-dim-ah moh-chim
  4. Beh-kah-mah Chee-yoo-chim,
  5. Sheh-loh sho-chah-chim bein yeh-dee-dim.
  1. Lif-nei sheh-nif-rah-dim
  2. Hah-sof kah-rev u-vah,
  3. Chah-shim et hah-keer-vah
  4. Beh-sof Shah-ah Tovah,
  5. Sheh-loh sho-chah-chim bein yeh-dee-dim.
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Recess integration for Next week

Just wanted to let everyone know that next week on Thursday, June 13th, The Kindergarten students will begin having their recess at the same time as the Grade 1-5, in order to prepare for Grade 1.  This is always an exciting time for the Kindergarten class.

Our pictures from the farm will be up next week.

We wish everyone a Chag Sameach and Enjoy the Shavuot Holiday!




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Hot lunch for tomorrow

For those families that ordered a Hot Lunch ….the office will save them for the children and they can have it as a snack when we return to school . Please make sure you send something for your child to eat at the farm.

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Tomorrow’s Field Trip

We are very excited for our trip tomorrow to the Canada Agriculture Museum. Here are some things to know:

Our workshop is called A Handful of soil

Our bus will be leaving at 9:00 sharp…so please arrive on time- (8:45)

Please come prepared with appropriate outerwear and footwear for weather and farm conditions.

We do not have to wear our school uniforms.

We will be having our lunch at the farm, so pack accordingly.

We will be leaving the farm at 1:30 and will have regular class until 3:00 and will then see a magic show in the gym.

Looking forward to another fun filled day!

The Kindergarten Teachers