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(שמחה רבה אביב הגיע פסח בא) Spring is Coming and so is Pesach!!!

Kindergarten students have left the games of Purim behind and jumped into learning all about Pesach!

We have learned all about the preparations for Pesach and Bedikat Chametz. You can sing along with your children to these songs:

Feather, Candle and a Spoon

Simcha Raba

We have learned and are going over the order of the Seder and are deep into creating our own Haggadot to follow along with on the Lyla Ha’Seder.

Steps of the Seder


Here are the yeladim learning the order and singing the song!

Now their knowledge is being tested with a game. All of the cards are mixed up and the yeladim work together to put them back in order. They are well on their way to becoming experts!




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Purim and Pyjama Day!

What a fun week we all had! Firstly we’d like to thank the Preschool at Ganon for inviting us to their Carnival!  There were so many fun activities and games. The Gallery below is a highlight of both our OJCS Carnival  and the Ganon Carnival where we thoroughly had a great time at all the different booths and activities prepared for us.  We ended our week with our Pyjama Day where we all enjoyed delicious pancakes with chocolate chips and instead of Read to Self, we Read to our Stuffies! A great way to end our week of Ruach! There are lots of pics so please enjoy!

Purim Carnival at the OJCS!

Purim Carnival at Ganon!

Reading to Stuffies and Pancakes in Kindergarten!














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World Down Awareness Day

Dear Families,

As well as March 21rst being Purim it is also World Down Awareness Day.  One of the ways it is celebrated, is by wearing mismatched socks. If you wish to, and are able to  adapt your Purim Costumes accordingly, please do so.

The Kindergarten Teachers

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Kindergarten in the Rainforest

The Kindergarten class has been exploring the Rainforest. Ask us what kind of animals  live in the rainforest, what the layers are in the rainforest, and some great songs and dances that we love.  We are collecting all of our Rainforest Animals to send home after we complete our inquiry. The children are writing books, learning new vocabulary, and reading all kinds of books for their own interests.

In Math we’ve started to learn about Measurement. We’ve gone on a measurement hunt comparing things around the classroom that are shorter than, the same as, or longer than a straw, a popsicle stick, and a block.  Look at us measuring  and comparing our feet with our friends.

Here’s one of our fun Rainforest Dances we love to do!

Please note that for Purim the school will be distributing Mishloach Manot to all the children

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Henei Chodesh Adar (הִנֵה חֹדֶשׁ אַדָּר)

Kindergarten is happily welcoming in the Month of Adar and the holiday of Purim. In K1 and K2, we have been busy all week  learning  new games, songs, crafts, the letters פ ף צ ץ and Purim related Hebrew vocabulary.

Our documenters are also the Shabbat Chazzanim and they are capturing the learning all week.

This week they were:

Lyla and Zachary in K1 and Gila and Jonas in K2.

Here are the weekly highlights according to our documentarians:

Don’t step on Haman!

Tapuach Adamah Cham (hot potato)

Some songs to sing along to at home are:

Chag Purim

Letzan Katan

La Kova Sheli


Shabbat Shalom!

שַׁבָּתּ שַׁלוֹם