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Going Global!

In an effort to bring the Parashat Ha’Shavuah to life for the yelladim, we have discovered a Torah telling heroine. Her name is Sarah Jacobs and she lives in Jerusalem. Sarah is a 3rd grade teacher who is passionate about Judaism and publishes puppet shows on YouTube in Hebrew and English, telling the stories of the parashot for children

In fact, the yelladim loved Sarah and her puppet shows so much, that they wanted to know more about her. Where does she live? Is she an Ima? What is her favourite colour? Their curiosity prompted me to contact Sarah and we arranged a Skype call to meet in “person”.

This call was greatly anticipated by all, and in preparation, the yelladim came up with many questions to ask Sarah. Where did you get all of your puppets? When did you make your first puppet show? Do you play an instrument? and many more. We also spoke about ways to make the Skype call successful, including roles such as interviewers (those who ask the questions) and photographers (using iPads to record our meeting).

Finally the big day arrived! Sarah was in Jerusalem in a park that overlooked the Knesset. We were excited to tell her that we also live in a capital city with a Parliament building. She was joined by her two children and we got to know a little more about each other. We even sang together!  Our Skype was too short for the yelladim, leaving them wanting more. How wonderful it is to be global citizens with the ability to reach out to people like Sarah all over the world! Who knows…maybe we will have the opportunity to do it again in 2019!








Here we are singing together and sharing one of our North Stars… RUACH!

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Le’hitraot 2018!

What a great way to end 2018!

Not only did we finish the book of Bereshit (HazakHazak! VenitHazek!), complete with the story of Joseph and how the Jewish people ended up in Egypt, but we closed the day with a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat with K-grade 5 students and parents.

Here is a snippet of our new favourite tefillah Veshamru…

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Making our Space Aliens for tomorrow’s Reading Buddies!


Today we created our own aliens using lots of fun stuff. Questions we will answer tomorrow with our Reading Buddies can be seen in the pic above. With the help of our Reading Buddies, we will create a FlipGrid! After this we watched a live tweet from David St. Jacques in space reading a story in French. See the link below that we watched.



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K-5 Kabbalat Shabbat

Dear Parents,

We would like to invite you to join us in a Kindergarten – Grade 5 Kabbalat Shabbat.

When: Friday December 21 at 1:30 pm

Where: In the OJCS gym.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Morah Shira and the Kindergarten Team


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A Day in the Life of Kindergarten

Here we are hard at play while we learn. We’re holding up our Ten frames. Ten frames are a great way to begin to understand all about counting, adding,  one more than… and one less than. There’s Story-time with Liam and Inbar, completion of two puzzles (maps of Canada), science with magnets, and more discovery of math activities using our ten frames.



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K2 had a wonderful time spreading the Chanukah spirit with the residents at Hillel Lodge.

A big thank you to Barbara Greenberg and Marilyn Adler for facilitating our cookie baking workshop.

K1 will have an opportunity to connect with the residents in the new year!