Reading Buddies with Grade 5


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What a great time we had with our Reading Buddies! Together with our Buddies we filled out a Get to Know Each Other Book. We then had time to read a book with our buddy. We look forward to our next time together! Click for more Pics!

Blasting off into Space!


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The Kindergarten class has begun to learn all about The Solar System. Our KWL chart – what we know, what we want to learn, and what we learned is always growing.  We also enjoyed watching the live stream of the InSight satellite land on Mars.

The students really enjoy this song about the Solar System! Click the link below if you’d like to listen at home.

In addition to the above, you can see us in the computer lab working on our reading skills using the website Starfall.
Feel free to access this website using the link below to explore Starfall from your own homes/devices.

An Introduction to Flipgrid in K1 and K2


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This week in K1 and K2, we explored the video discussion platform, Flipgrid. Teachers pose topics/questions, and students respond using short videos in a grid-style format.

Although this was only an introduction to Flipgrid, we’ll be utilizing this platform in our classroom in numerous ways to enhance student learning within their own classrooms, as well as by connecting with students locally, nationally, globally…the possibilities are endless!

As a class, we read the story, “Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!” Following this, in groups of 3/4, students developed a plan to design a structure using various materials to help Mr. McGreely keep the bunnies from entering his vegetable garden to Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! all his delicious vegetables!

Next week, we’ll be watching the videos together as a class and having a discussion about what went well, what we struggled with, and how we could improve our structures to better assist Mr. McGreely.

The students demonstrated teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

View the videos below!

Kindergarten Tefilah Takes off!


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K1 and K2 are tefilah experts!

To my happy surprise, both classes have started to ask to sing the prayers independently!

Here they are in action:



And I am one proud teacher!

Fun in the Snow!


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Best Snow Day ever!

A Whole Lot of Learning Going On…


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Our Kindergarten students are thriving and soaking up new information like sponges!

Here are a few highlights that have been captured recently…

ALEPH-BET in action

Learning the Parashot (Avraham and Sarah welcoming guests)

Creating our own games using Hebrew Language

On apprend beaucoup!


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We are up and learning in French class! Through song, hands on activities and fun we love French class!

We are learning our numbers and about different supplies in our backpacks and in and around the classroom.

We had a number hunt in class, where the students had to find the numbers scattered around the class and report what number they found in French, and then out them in order! They did a great job!

We began our “Dans mon sac a dos il y a…” theme”, where we will be learning about different school supplies!

la couleur ROUGE


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ROUGE,  ROUGE PARTOUT! (red, red everywhere red!)

This past week we learned about the color red in Kindergarten. The students were very excited to find so many things around the class and school that were red. It just so happened that on Tuesday…… even Morah Yardena’s shirt was ROUGE!! 😉

ADK1 and ADK2 Together!


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  • What fun we all had together after our beautiful Shabbat with Ganon! Our new easel has arrived so let the painting begin! We are starting with Fall pictures. We also brought out a new castle which the children had to figure out how to build  and put together!  Shabbat Shalom everyone!
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