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Library Day!

Yesterday was the First day of Library for us. The Kindergarten scheduled Library Day is Wednesday.You may have already noticed a book in your child’s backpack. You are able to keep the book until the following week and then another book can be signed out.  Please remember to send the book back as we are not able to take out another book until that one is returned.  You are able to send it back earlier if you want, however our day to choose another one will be on Wednesday.

This week we started two new activities. Yesterday we began our printing program where we use the book Handwriting without Tears. This book teaches the proper formation of letters and we focus on starting from the top and bumping the lines for the correct size. The class loved working on their first page in the book. We began with what are called the Frog Jump letters F and E .

Today in math we started our Math Notebook where we are given a problem to solve and can answer the question in our notebook. It starts off with simple questions just to understand how we use the math notebook.

Tomorrow is Dress Down Day! Don’t forget your Loonies and Toonies.  Chag Sameach and Enjoy the Chag!

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Chaggim (חגים), Shinshinim, Hafsakat Chashmal (הפסקת חשׁמל), Oh My!

What an exciting time of year! Some good, some more difficult. I hope everyone is healthy, safe and enjoying the holidays despite the challenges of this past weekend.

Our Gan has been enjoying learning about the Chaggim. We read the story of Jonah and the Whale and spoke about how Jonah couldn’t hide from G-d, because G-d is everywhere. Then we created a beautiful craft complete with Jonah in the whale’s belly.

We began learning about Sukkot and created birds and pomegranate chains to hang in the Sukkah.

On Yom Shishi, we formally met our new Shinshinim, Liam and Inbar. The yelladim loved playing games with them to get to know them better.

We also celebrated the upcoming Shabbat with brachot, singing and a dance party.

Can’t wait for next week and all of the learning and adventures it will bring!

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Allons-Y! That was a fun week 2!

Bonjour! So we made it through week 2! The kids are having fun and the teachers are too! French class is always a fun, exciting adventure with the K1 and K2’s!

We begin each class with greetings and going through all the name tags asking: Qui est a l’école aujourd’hui? Every student responds with: “Bonjour Morah Yardena”.

We get through our songs, which include “Bonjour mes amis” of course! We’ve taken it up to another level including ‘comment ca va mes amis and ca va bien mes amis!’ (how are you my friends and responding: I am good my friends, thank you)- with hand movements as well.

We are practicing our alphabet, our numbers, days of the week and months of the year- with songs of course!

The students are loving the learning through song and movement.

We do calendar everyday, asking what day is it today? What day was yesterday? What day will it be tomorrow? (In French with English translation and hand gestures to assist the children).

We are getting to know our students better. They are learning about themselves as well through different personalized activities.

Here is a little peak of our Kindergartens ready for circle time and dancing to our new French Songs! 

On to week #3!! 🙂

-Morah Yardena

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A great first week!!

This first week has been a bit of everything for me! Exciting, energizing, exhausting, but most of all fun! I would like to thank the entire Kindergarten team for an amazing first week and I am looking forward to the rest of the school year! Have a great Rosh Hashana, and can’t wait to see everyone back on Wednesday!



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יום ראשׁון בּגן

Our first day in Judaic Studies was rich in learning and fun. We began our circle time with תפילות, followed by practicing ימי השׁבוע and discussing מזג האוויר.  Then we played מורה שׁירה אומרת and looked closely at the letter שׁ. We practiced its sound and looked at our Hebrew names to find the ones containing שׁ.

Next we rotated through 3 stations:

  1. Making a שׁ with play dough.
  2. Colouring a שׁ and identifying it in several Hebrew words.
  3. Cutting and string painting a shofar.

It was a fantastic beginning!